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I have been a football fan since the early 1980’s. I remember watching TV back in the days of only 3 channels, here in the UK. That’s right, way before Sky TV and the cable channels came along! Football Shirts in them days had only just started showing a sponsor on the front, and only numbers 1-11 were mostly displayed on the back. Names of the players were not even printed on the back!

How I Became A Football Fan – Early 1980’s

I vividly remember watching Match Of The Day and following all the scores on Grandstand every Saturday afternoon, and back in them days which was before The English premier League started, I would look forward to Sunday where typically there would be a big match being shown live on TV, a very special occasion indeed.

In them days, there was 4 top divisions in England just like today, Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and Division 4. Liverpool and Everton were the 2 big clubs around the time that I started following football and I chose Liverpool. I loved the way they played possession football and they were so professional in their approach to the game.

In the playground at school where I would play football during breaks and at lunchtime, I pretended to be Ian Rush, Gary Lineker, or many of my other heroes at the time. In them days I dreamt of being a professional footballer and really believed it could happen. My Granddad bought me a 1984 Liverpool shirt for Christmas, so I would always remain a red as he supported them too!

A Moment of Inspiration

I am now a fully grown adult, but my love for the beautiful game remains and to this day I still support Liverpool. The game has changed a lot since the early to mid 1980’s, and of course it is so much more commercialised these days with the introduction of Sky TV and cable TV.

Down the years I have purchased a few Liverpool shirts, but it has always irked me how a shirt may cost £40 – £70, but then the next season it becomes out of date, and you have to buy a new shirt.

A few years ago, I had a moment of inspiration. One day, I remembered that 1984 Liverpool shirt my Granddad had bought me many years ago for Christmas, and I wanted it again. Subsequently, I decided to purchase that replica 1984 shirt so that instead of constantly having to buy new Liverpool shirts, I could stick with what for me is one of Liverpool’s most iconic shirts ever.

Now, whenever I go to a Liverpool match, I am more than proud to wear that iconic shirt. I also noticed something else while attending matches and watching games in pubs. I am not the only one with a classic shirt on! It seems that they have become quite the fashion these days and that’s where my idea came about for starting this site.

The Reason For This Site

As well as writing general articles about football and the latest kits that are being released, I am keen to find out the best places to purchase kits.

In the menu at the top of this website, you will find a drop down menu with the best places online to search for both new and retro football shirts. I have fully researched these suppliers myself and can fully recommend them.

Most of the sites not only supply full team strips for men, women and children, but they also supply a whole range of football related products, and they offer worldwide shipping too.

Many football fans wish to purchase their teams shirt for nostalgic reasons like I have, or they may just want to have the latest shirt to show their loyal support for the current season. This is why I started this site.

So whether it is English Premier League shirts, or lower division club shirts, or many of the other famous team shirts from around the world, chances are you will be able to search it out here! If you cannot find your shirt, please leave a comment letting me know which team it is you wish to find, and I will help you.

Enjoy the site, have a good look around and impress all your mates down the pub when you adorn a classic shirt that shows your true love and support for your team!

If you have any suggestions about this site, stories to share on how you started supporting your favourite team, or any comments at all, please feel free to post below.

All the best,


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