Arsenal Football Kit – 2018/19 Season

Arsenal have recently released their latest football kit for the upcoming 2018 – 2019 Premier League Season. Let’s take a look at all 3 kits, home, away and third kit.

Arsenal Home Shirt 2018/19

The home shirt comprises the usual red and white colours normally associated with Arsenal home shirts. There appears to be what seems like a letter A stitched into the whole front chest area of the shirt, which looks pretty cool.

The sleeve is an interesting departure from the norm in that there are lots of thin pink coloured stripes which form a band going across it. Maybe, Arsenal are conscious of trying to differentiate their red home kit from Man Utd and Liverpool, 2 of their fiercest rivals? If that is the case, then they have certainly achieved differentiation here!

The Arsenal badge and puma logo are stitched on which I think seems to be the trend among recent football shirts, and much better in my opinion. This is way better than the days when it seemed as if all shirt sponsors were ironed on and susceptible to coming off in the wash!.

The Fly Emirates shirt sponsor is heat transferred on and really compliments the shirt perfectly. Puma, the shirt manufacturer have advised that the Fly Emirates lettering should not come off in the wash and from what I can see, it seems far better quality than shirts of the past where they were they use to be ironed on.

The collar area of the shirt is also quite different and pretty unique from other football shirts. It certainly isn’t the typical rounded crew neck that you might typically find, and also worth noting there seems to be quite a bit more white colour around this area too. In fact the neck line is a little lower down, but it actually looks quite nice.

The one area I am still not sure about is the pink colour band going around the sleeves, but it is all down to interpretation and it may just take time to grow on me!

Arsenal Away Kit 2018/19

Arsenal Football Club have been notorious for releasing different coloured away shirts for the past few seasons and this year is no different. Last season it was a light blue colour and this time round it is a dark navy blue colour all over the shirt which is not too bad actually.

I know a lot of Arsenal fans would prefer the iconic yellow and blue, but the navy blue it is, and I actually like it.

It has a 3 tone colour scheme with a slightly darker purple going across the chest area of the shirt, and an even brighter purple across the sleeves, similar to the pink stripe bands found on the home kit except in purple.

The back is full on navy and this time there is a more conventional v neck style collar.

There has been criticism that this away shirt in particular feels like another team rather than Arsenal, and maybe that is true, but I quite like it.

I still can’t quite work out what the pattern in purple across the chest area is meant to represent and suspect it looks like an A for Arsenal which seems to make the most sense. The shorts are actually purple too and I really think it looks nice on the players.

Once again the fly emirates writing is heat transferred on and this is a style I can get used to. Like the home shirt, the club badge and puma logo is stitched on which is fine.

Arsenal Third Kit 2018/19

This is a really interesting colour to say the least. A lot of top teams are really going all out on their third kits and Arsenal are no exception.

The colour is described on the shirt as biscay green which if I am not mistaken has never been worn by any football team in the Premier League era. It looks like a mint colour as you can see from picture above.

There is 2 thick navy stripes across the sleeves and the collar is very different to both the home and away shirts. This time, there is what Puma describe as an ergonomic collar cut style and actually it looks really nice.

All other details on shirt are in navy blue to match 2 blue stripes on the sleeves. I love the way the Fly Emirates logo is heat transferred into the chest area of the shirt, as is the cased on all 3 shirts.

The top of the shoulders incorporate Puma formstripes, a dotted array of patterns similar to the wave pattern found on the chest area, and overall this adds to the design of the third kit.

As mentioned above, there appears to be a wave pattern going across the chest area much like the home and away shirts, and it certainly looks like an A to me although this is obviously open to interpretation.

Personally, I love this shirt the best out of all 3 Arsenal kits and it has already been lucky for them as they wore it for the first time in a preseason friendly where the beat PSG 5-1!

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Expectations for the 2018/19 Season

With Arsene Wenger now departed after 22 years at the helm and new manager Unai Emery taking the reigns, there will be much attention on how Arsenal fare this season. This will be their 2nd season in a row of not qualifying for the Champions League and the club will be desperate to get back in as soon as possible.

Unai Emery is only 46 years old and has led 6 different teams over 700 matches, most notably PSG where he has come from. He is certainly young for a manger but crucially has plenty of experience, and enough years to have the kind of impact on Arsenal that Wenger did.

Emery has already cleared out a lot of players and brought in 5 new faces, Bernd Leno, Stephan Lichsteiner, Sokratis Papastathopoulos, Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi whom are all relatively unknown quantities. Viewers of the World Cup may be familiar with midfielder, Torreira, who played all 5 matches for Uruguay.

I do feel Arsenal need to strengthen their team further to challenge the likes of Manchester City, Man Utd and Liverpool, but of course they have a chance of making the top 4 and qualifying for next season’s Champions League. That surely has to be the aim this season.

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2 Replies to “Arsenal Football Kit – 2018/19 Season”

  1. Great review, love the home shirt and third kit but still not sure about the away kit. Champions League this season!

    1. Thanks Aaron,

      I agree the third kit looks proper nice. The colour is described as biscay green by shirt manufacturer Puma. As for Champions League, it would be an amazing achievement if Unai Emery manages to guide Arsenal back there so quickly. Let’s hope Arsenal can make it happen!

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