Premier League Football Kits 2018/19 – Rated out of 100!

With the new Premier League season now underway, which Premier League football kits are a hit and which ones are a miss? Read on to see a rating out of 100 for each one.

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For a more in depth review on the Arsenal home and away kit, please go here.

I am not a fan of the sleeves on the home shirt, but I do like the traditional red colour with white going across the top in typical Arsenal colours. There is also a nice pattern with the shirt that looks pretty cool.

Home Shirt score: 75/100

As for the away shirt, I do prefer it as I think the colours look nice mixing in the darker shades of purple with navy blue and the blurred pattern on the sleeves are pretty neat too. There is also a nice pattern in the chest area of the shirt similar to the home kit, but slightly different which adds to its class.

Away Shirt score: 76/100


The 3rd shirt is really interesting in terms of the colour. Never before in the Premier League has any team worn biscay green, until now. Without doubt the best of the 3 new strips that Arsenal has released this season.

The colour looks awesome and the black detail all over the shirt contrasts perfectly with the biscay green. The polo collar also looks great with this kit too.

Third Shirt Score: 91/100 


Umbro who design a lot of the championship clubs as well as some premier league clubs such as Bournemouth have done a pretty neat job this season. They have the standard umbro logo on the sleeves which look pretty cool.

As for the home shirt itself, I am very impressed with the colour scheme and how the Mansion sponsor fits in perfectly with the design of the shirt, especially since there are vertical red and black stripes going all across the front of the shirt. All the details mesh together perfectly and I love the gold trimmings that are just above the umbro logo, the badge logo and on the collar area. The home shirt looks very classy.

Home Shirt score: 88/100


As for the away shirt, once again the Mansion sponsor meshes well with the overall 2 tone vertical white strips going all across the shirt. I think the Bournemouth badge on the away shirt could of been more colourful and the gold trimmings found on the home shirt may have worked better too, but unfortunately they are not found this time around.

Away Shirt Score: 86/100


Brighton and Hove Albion

The home shirt features vertical blue and white thick stripes with plain white sleeves. Very simplistic in design and for me, more could of been done especially around the sleeve area. I like the red colour Nike swoosh which fits perfectly, and the American Express writing across the centre of the shirt also works very well too.

Home Shirt Score: 76/100


As for the away shirt, I actually think it is OK. The green colour is very nice and with mostly white detail for the nike swoosh and American Express writing as well as the blue and white Brighton badge, this colour scheme works very well indeed.

Both solid kits, and fans will certainly wear the shirts with pride.

Away Shirt Score: 70/100




Only a new home kit announced so far, and I always find myself getting confused between Burnley, West Ham and Aston Villa as the blue and maroon are synonymous with all those clubs.

The thing about this shirt that I am not impressed with from the get go is the shirt sponsor which for me dominates the shirt and not for the better. As you can see from the image above, there is a giant poker chip with writing of the sponsor which takes up far too much space on the shirt. It is poorly designed in my opinion.

Other than that, the colour scheme of maroon and sky blue works as well as it ever did.

Home Shirt Score: 65/100

Cardiff City

Both the home and away shirts are pretty traditional and basic kits in my humble opinion. The home shirt is essentially 2 shades of blue horizontal stripes all over, with white detail showing off Visit Malaysia sponsor, club badge and adidas logo. Actually, it’s growing on me as I publish this post….

Home Shirt Score: 73/100



The away shirt is almost the opposite colour scheme of the home edition. Featuring white and grey horizontal pattern (similar to stripes but not quite), and blue details this time – again it is growing on me. Better than last season’s Cardiff City kits, that’s for sure. 2 pretty solid kits.

Away Shirt Score 75/100


For a more in depth review on the Chelsea home and away kit, please go here.

I really like the design pattern on the home shirt with the all navy blue colour and thin red and white stripes going across the shirt makes it look pretty snazzy indeed. All the shirt sponsor and club badge and Nike swoosh logo blends perfectly.

Home Shirt Score: 90/100



An all bright yellow kit with blue around the collar area as well as blue details for the club badge, Yokohoma Tyres Sponsor and blue Nike swoosh creates a harmonic blend that works great. I like both the kits!

Away Shirt Score: 83/100

Crystal Palace 

The red and blue vertical stripes with mix of patterns and yellow trimming around the neckline and bottom of sleeves looks absolutely stunning. This is easily one of the best looking home kits I have seen for a while. The shirt sponsor is a little off if I am being honest, but the overall colour scheme and design of the shirt saves the day for me.

Home Shirt Score: 93/100


As for the away shirt, I am not so impressed, but then it was always going to be difficult to top the home kit! The red and blue diagonal stripe is unique, and if the sponsor of the shirt didn’t look so awkward, this away shirt would be far better. Puma have made a great effort with these shirts. It scores slightly lower only because of the shirt sponsor design not quite working.

Overal score: 85/100



Wow, wow, wow. I am blown away by both home and away shirts. They both look absolutely awesome. Easily the best Everton strip I have ever seen in my life and that is no understatement.

The home shirt is simply a few shades of dark blue all over with white badge, white umbro logos on sleeves and chest area, and SportsPesa shirt sponsor too. The umbro sleeve design is universal across all their kits this season from what I can tell, and just like the Bournemouth kit looks amazing, so no need to change the sleeve logos. Even the buttons on the collar look really smart giving it a polo collar feel!

Home Shirt Score: 92/100

The away shirt is quite staggering. All black this time, albeit a few shades that blend perfectly, with pink umbro logos, SportsPesa logo and club badge. Works absolutely perfectly.

I almost forgot to mention the Angry Birds sponsorship on 1 of the sleeve areas too, for both strips, which I find a bit strange. I know Angry Birds was all the rage about 5 years ago, but is it really still relevant today? Perhaps readers out there can shed more light on the Angry Birds current state of affairs.

Difficult to mark this season’s Everton kits down!

Away Shirt Score: 91/100


Home shirt looks OK with white and black colour scheme and Fulham badge with FFC in red. This is growing on me and looks solid for a team that are returning to the Premier League after a few years.

Home Shirt Score: 70/100




The away shirt looks OK too, although it doesn’t pull up any trees for me. I feel adidas could of improved their efforts on both shirts, especially the away shirt. Both strips are smart enough, and no doubt Fulham faithful will wear with pride.

Away Shirt Score: 65/100




Once again, umbro have produced yet another solid set of home and away shirts, this time for Huddersfield. Simplistic in design. The home shirt features blue and white vertical stripes, with the away kit mirroring the pattern, only this time in black and red.

Where the details for sponsor, club badge and umbro logos are all in white on both kits, except for the shirt sponsor being in black on the home shirt, and it all blends perfectly.

Home Shirt Score: 75/100

one criticism I have is the club badge, which I feel they could of done more with. It is more like a logo than a club badge, so I am not sure why Huddersfield opted for this strategy. I do like both kits though and feel they both have a strong but modern day traditional look about them.

Away Shirt Score: 77/100


Leicester City 

Solid enough home shirt with the usual royal blue colour and white detail mixed in. I think Leicester City fans will be happy enough, though adidas have stayed safe with their design.

Home Shirt Score: 78/100





The away strip is pretty cool though. I feel adidas have excelled with this shirt with a very interesting medium to dark grey and black striped pattern almost mirroring the pattern on the King Power stadium pitch! The orange adidas, logo with stripes across the shoulder area and badge really adds a touch of class and white shirt sponsor works well too.

For me, the home kit is solid enough, though no great shakes, but the away kit really takes things to a new level.

Away Shirt Score: 81/100


For a more in depth review on the Liverpool home, away and third kit, please go here.

The home shirt is typical Liverpool as you would always expect, and always a firm favourite within the football world. I especially like the polo neck look with buttons which gives it a smart appearance.

The white writing for the shirt sponsor works well as does the white NB logo (New Balance) and club badge. Interestingly enough, the badge is more of a logo similar to what Huddersfield have tried to do, only it looks stronger for Liverpool and maybe that’s partly down to the recent history of this club. That said, I just think New Balance have done a better job with the logo in this case.

Home Shirt Score: 91/100

The away shirt really stands out as one of the best shirts this season with the several tones of purple and orange details. It has grown on me, and certainly a brave choice by the club, which I think they have pulled off.

Away Shirt Score: 90/100



The third shirt is a reminder of the late 1980’s inspired by the old grey kits they use to wear from those days. Again, I think it looks really snazzy.

Like the Everton kits, it’s hard to pick too many holes in this season’s kits.

Third Shirt Score: 90/100



Manchester City 

For a more in depth review on the Manchester City home and away kit, please go here.

The home shirt is very similar to last seasons, but the sleeve pattern has really added something that bit extra this time around. I really like what Nike have done here and the sky blue colour really looks impressive against backdrop of the club badge, shirt sponsor and nike swoosh.

Home Shirt Score: 84/100


The away shirt is very nice indeed. Essentially black with vertical yellow and sky blue pinstripes make this kit stand out. The shirt sponsor fits well and nike swoosh and club badge likewise. I would say this away strip is one of the best in the Premier League this year.

Away Shirt Score: 92/100



Machester Utd 

For a more in depth review on the Manchester Utd home and away kit, please go here.

The red and black works well for me and reminds me of Man Utd kits of the late 1980’s. I am not sure about the horizontal black stripes towards the lower part of the home shirt and again, the shirt sponsor doesn’t quite work on the home kit. Having seen the highlights of the opening game of the season where Man Utd wore this red shirt with the black shorts, I like it a lot more than at first glance!

Home Shirt Score: 88/100



By contrast, the shirts sponsor, adidas logo and club bade blend perfectly on the away shirt with the gold colour working well with the dark blue. I think the away shirt is pretty strong and Man Utd fans should be happy enough.

Away Shirt Score: 85/100



Newcastle Utd 

Puma have done a solid job with the design of the home shirt with the exception of the shirt sponsor which again looks awkward. Something doesn’t quite work here.

Home Shirt Score: 84/100





I do like the away kit as well and this time red and black hoops which wok really well and I love the puma logo in gold here. Strangely enough, the shirt sponsor on the away shirt works in gold with this colour scheme and maybe they could of used the same colour on the home shirt or at least something similar.

Away Shirt Score: 86/100



Finally the third kit is a solid enough effort with a turquoise blue and this time black for the badge, puma logo and shirt sponsor, again working better than the home shirt in my opinion.

Third Shirt Score: 86/100





Very similar home shirt to what is typically associated with this club. I love the fact that the white vertical stripes don’t go all the way to the collar area and this leaves for all red around the neck and shoulders. The black trim at the top of the neck and bottom of sleeves looks smart and the club badge fits well. The Virgin Media logo also works quite well.

Home Shirt Score: 88/100


As for the away strip, I quite like it actually. It’s colourful and stands out without looking tacky. Under Armour, the shirt manufacturer have done a very good job with both these kits. One of the best away strips in the Premier League this season without a doubt.

Away Shirt Score: 91/100


Tottenham Hotspur 

The home shirt has a Man Utd feel to it with the stripes at the bottom of the shirt though I think the navy blue works well with the white elsewhere. The red AIA sponsor looks good and the Spurs logo and Nike swoosh look good too. It’s not ground breaking by any stretches, but a solid effort overall.

Home Shirt Score: 72/100



The away shirt is a little different. I like the navy blue with lighter shades of blue patterns adorning the sleeves. Gives it a snazzy feel not too dissimilar to design of Manchester City’s Home shirt. Bit plain on the front of the shirt, but solid enough.

Away Shirt Score: 73/100





The home shirt looks really nice. yellow and black vertical stripes with red shirt sponsor and adidas logo and badge blending exceptionally. I love it. One of the best Watford home kits I have ever seen and adidas can be proud of this effort.

Home Shirt Score: 90/100




The away shirt is pretty good too. The shirt features different shades of green with the shirt sponsor, adidas logo and club badge once again blending well. Love the fluorescent green trim around the neckline, as well as the 3 adidas stripes across the shoulders and adidas logo too, all of which are in same colour! This design and colour scheme is up there with the best of away kits, but for me the home shirt looks even better!

Away Shirt Score: 81/100

West Ham Utd

The home shirt has the traditional maroon colour with subtle horizontal stripes going across which blend beautifully.Love the light blue trim around bottom of sleeves and neckline collar area.The badge, umbro logo and betway sponsor fits wonderfully too. Really nice effort once again from umbro, who might just be leading the way these days on kits.

Home Shirt Score: 84/100


The away shirt looks good too with navy blue all over and once again betway sponsor in white. This time the club badge and umbro logo on front of shirt is yellow and I think it works well.The trim on the collar as well as the umbro logos across the bottom of the sleeve are in traditional West Ham home colours, maroon and work well enough.

Away Shirt Score: 85/100


Wolverhampton Wanderers 

Really like the gold silky look to the home shirt with the black shirt sponsor, adidas logo and club badge. Looks fantastic and the black trim around the colour and bottom of the sleeves along with the 3 black adidas stripes across the shoulders gives an overall stylish appearance.

Home Shirt Score: 89/100



The away shirt doesn’t disappoint either, this time in all white, with subtle grey colour stripes going horizontally across the shirt in typical adidas fashion. I like that the Wolves badge is same gold and black colour as per the home shirt and in fact the adidas logo, shirt sponsor and 3 black stripes across the shoulder are all kept uni formally black just like the home shirt. Very good effort here from adidas.

Away Shirt Score: 90/100


Best Premier League Kits 2018/19 – And The Worst!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading my overall ratings for all the Premier League team kits for 2018/19 season. I have scored Liverpool and Everton extremely high with the likes of Southampton, Wolves, Man Utd, Newcastle Utd, Watford, West Ham, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace also impressive.

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Whilst none of the clubs’ shirts are tragic, the worst kits for me this season are Burnley and Fulham. I didn’t think the Spurs or Arsenal kits were anything out of the ordinary, although Arsenal’s third strip really catches the eye.

What is your opinion? Who do you think has the best and worst kits for the 2018/19 Premier League season? Any thoughts regarding football, or anything else, please leave a comment below!











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Chelsea Football Kit – 2018/19 Season

Chelsea have recently released their latest football kit for the upcoming 2018 – 2019 Premier League Season. The third kit has yet to be unveiled, but the home and away shirt is available so let’s take a look at them both.

Chelsea Home Kit 2018/19

The home shirt for 2018/19 season is inspired buy kits worn by Chelsea in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The home shirt is navy blue with some red and white lines all over the shirt. These lines don’t complete, rather they are parts of lines and that in itself gives the shirt a snazzy look in my opinion. The sleeves are all plain navy blue which I think suits the shirt overall, and while it has definitely divided some Chelsea fans, I actually don’t think it looks bad at all.

So these red and white patterned lines I was mentioning are the main difference between this season and last season and I honestly think it has improved the home shirt for the better. Critics will say it’s not much different from last season and that is a valid point, but at least it is an improvement on what was already a good shirt!

The shirt itself is made from 100% recycled polyester, and as per all Nike shirts, contains vaporKnit technology which is to allow for exceptional breathability and lightweight manoeuvrability.

On the back of the collar of the shirt is the Chelsea emblem which is a nice detail and all other details such as the Nike logo, Yokohama Tyres sponsor, and Chelsea badge itself all compliment the shirt well. There is also a graphic within the neckline reading “blue is the colour” and the year 1905 is also displayed within that graphic reminding people of when Chelsea FC was founded.

I love the overall colour scheme and I think this is a solid home kit. The shorts are also navy blue and the socks are blue with 2 yellow stripes going around the top of the socks, for those of you who will buy the whole kit. A lot of Chelsea fans have been commenting that it reminds them of the 2008/09 FA CUP final shirt the team played in, a match in which Chelsea won 2-1. For sure, it is the same colour by the looks of it!

Chelsea Away Kit 2018/19

Essentially all yellow colour with patterned sleeves and slightly different shade of yellow. Nike sponsor, Yokohama Tyres and the Chelsea badge are al in blue this time and it looks very nice indeed.

Along the back of the collar is a blue and white stripe instead of the Chelsea lion as depicted on the home shirt and again the pattern blurb found on the sleeves carries across the whole shoulder and top of collar are on the back of the shirt which adds a nice touch.

The shorts are also yellow with similar pattern blurb found on the sleeves of shirt which I love from Nike, and the socks are blue so the overall colour scheme, should you wish to purchase the whole kit is really presentable indeed.

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Expectations for the 2018/19 Season

Given that Chelsea only managed to finish 5th last season, missing out on the Champions league, it is rather surprising that they have so far only made one noteworthy signing. New blues boss, Maurizio Sarri, has managed to convince Jorginho to join him once again in a deal said to be worth around 50 million pounds. Jorginho used to play under Maurizio Sarri at Napoli.

Chelsea still have an exceptional squad, and perhaps new boss Maurizio Sarri should be more concerned about keeping hold of who he does have rather than buying anymore players. Bearing in mind that Chelsea is not as attractive a club for top players to join right now as they would have been if they were in Europe’s elite competition, this season is all about challenging for the title once again, and equally important qualifying for The Champions League where Chelsea absolutely must be.

I predict if Chelsea can keep hold of their stars such as Eden Hazard and Kante, then for sure they have the squad to challenge on all fronts. I do think Manchester City and Liverpool will be the main challengers for the Premier League this season, but never rule out Chelsea especially if they can find a few more decent signings to add to Jorginho, who also will have a major role to play according to Maurizio Sarri.

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If you have any thoughts, or need some advice on football shirts in general, or indeed any suggestions for this site, please leave a comment below.


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Man City Football Kit – 2018/19 Season

Man City recently released their latest football kit for the upcoming 2018 – 2019 Premier League Season. The third kit has not yet been released and is rumoured to be made available around September time by shirt manufacturer, Nike.

For now, Let’s take a look at the new home and away shirts and see how they look.

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Man City Home Kit 2018/19

Very similar to the 2017/18 shirt as far as the colour goes and the Etihad Airways logo and other details too. It seems Manchester City have decided not to change too much and who can blame them after last season’s phenomenal record-breaking feat!

The main difference seems to be on the arm/shoulder area where there is really stylish dark blue speed blur stripes. This really stands out for me.

Around the collar area which is v neck style, there is a button which is different from last season and the words “Blue Moon” is etched into the button itself which is a nice touch. For those who don’t know, Blue Moon is pretty much the Man City anthem adopted by the fans on the terraces.

The back of the shirt is cool as the dark blue speed blur stripes also go across the back of the neck line and shoulder area too rather than it being left all the same colour like other teams have opted for. The word “CITY” is inscribed in capital letters just like last season.

Overall, a decent home shirt made more eye-catching by the pattern on the shoulder, sleeve and collar area!

Man City Away Kit 2018/19

I have to start of by saying I really like this away shirt which is actually said to be inspired by the 1998/99 kit as worn during City’s Play Off Final win over Gillingham 20 years ago. Back then they were in League Division 2 and many saw that season as a defining moment in Man City’s modern day renaissance.

Described as predominately navy blue with a modern look to it highlighted by a few fluorescent yellow and sky blue coloured pinstripes going vertically from top to bottom of the shirt.

Overall, it looks quite dazzling and easily must be one of the best away shirts this season. Indeed, many City fans feel this is one of the best away shirts their club has had in a long time and I am inclined to agree with that. Personally I prefer it to the home shirt.

The club badge, Nike logo and Etihad Airways logo are all beautifully stitched into the shirts fabric and all in white colour scheme which suits the away shirt perfectly. Unlike the home shirt which had a button, this shirt has no buttons and features a drop collar which may be the only slight downfall, although again it’s all a matter of opinion. On the players itself, the shirt looks fantastic.

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Expectations for the 2018/19 Season

It is going to be really difficult to eclipse what City managed to achieve last season. Many pundits have said that this was a one off and will never be achieved anytime soon.

The fact that they managed to win the league by a massive 19 points over 2nd place and arch rivals Manchester United means that even if City were to drop off slightly this season, they will still be with a great chance of defending their title once again.

So far in this summer transfer window, they have offloaded many players and brought in quite a few new faces, most of whom are young prospects for the future.

The one eye-catching addition has been 60 million pound signing, Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City, While I don’t doubt the quality of Mahrez, I do wonder how he will fit into this team. With the likes of Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane, Bernardo Silva and a plethora of attacking midfield talent, someone’s ego is going to be put out of joint. Pep Guardiola is going to have to use all of his experience to manage expectations among his group of talented stars.

Personally, I think Liverpool in particular will push City the hardest this season and I also expect arch rivals Man Utd and Chelsea to be in the mix too.

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If you have any thoughts, or need some advice on football shirts in general, or indeed any suggestions for this site, please leave a comment below.

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Arsenal Football Kit – 2018/19 Season

Arsenal have recently released their latest football kit for the upcoming 2018 – 2019 Premier League Season. Let’s take a look at all 3 kits, home, away and third kit.

Arsenal Home Shirt 2018/19

The home shirt comprises the usual red and white colours normally associated with Arsenal home shirts. There appears to be what seems like a letter A stitched into the whole front chest area of the shirt, which looks pretty cool.

The sleeve is an interesting departure from the norm in that there are lots of thin pink coloured stripes which form a band going across it. Maybe, Arsenal are conscious of trying to differentiate their red home kit from Man Utd and Liverpool, 2 of their fiercest rivals? If that is the case, then they have certainly achieved differentiation here!

The Arsenal badge and puma logo are stitched on which I think seems to be the trend among recent football shirts, and much better in my opinion. This is way better than the days when it seemed as if all shirt sponsors were ironed on and susceptible to coming off in the wash!.

The Fly Emirates shirt sponsor is heat transferred on and really compliments the shirt perfectly. Puma, the shirt manufacturer have advised that the Fly Emirates lettering should not come off in the wash and from what I can see, it seems far better quality than shirts of the past where they were they use to be ironed on.

The collar area of the shirt is also quite different and pretty unique from other football shirts. It certainly isn’t the typical rounded crew neck that you might typically find, and also worth noting there seems to be quite a bit more white colour around this area too. In fact the neck line is a little lower down, but it actually looks quite nice.

The one area I am still not sure about is the pink colour band going around the sleeves, but it is all down to interpretation and it may just take time to grow on me!

Arsenal Away Kit 2018/19

Arsenal Football Club have been notorious for releasing different coloured away shirts for the past few seasons and this year is no different. Last season it was a light blue colour and this time round it is a dark navy blue colour all over the shirt which is not too bad actually.

I know a lot of Arsenal fans would prefer the iconic yellow and blue, but the navy blue it is, and I actually like it.

It has a 3 tone colour scheme with a slightly darker purple going across the chest area of the shirt, and an even brighter purple across the sleeves, similar to the pink stripe bands found on the home kit except in purple.

The back is full on navy and this time there is a more conventional v neck style collar.

There has been criticism that this away shirt in particular feels like another team rather than Arsenal, and maybe that is true, but I quite like it.

I still can’t quite work out what the pattern in purple across the chest area is meant to represent and suspect it looks like an A for Arsenal which seems to make the most sense. The shorts are actually purple too and I really think it looks nice on the players.

Once again the fly emirates writing is heat transferred on and this is a style I can get used to. Like the home shirt, the club badge and puma logo is stitched on which is fine.

Arsenal Third Kit 2018/19

This is a really interesting colour to say the least. A lot of top teams are really going all out on their third kits and Arsenal are no exception.

The colour is described on the shirt as biscay green which if I am not mistaken has never been worn by any football team in the Premier League era. It looks like a mint colour as you can see from picture above.

There is 2 thick navy stripes across the sleeves and the collar is very different to both the home and away shirts. This time, there is what Puma describe as an ergonomic collar cut style and actually it looks really nice.

All other details on shirt are in navy blue to match 2 blue stripes on the sleeves. I love the way the Fly Emirates logo is heat transferred into the chest area of the shirt, as is the cased on all 3 shirts.

The top of the shoulders incorporate Puma formstripes, a dotted array of patterns similar to the wave pattern found on the chest area, and overall this adds to the design of the third kit.

As mentioned above, there appears to be a wave pattern going across the chest area much like the home and away shirts, and it certainly looks like an A to me although this is obviously open to interpretation.

Personally, I love this shirt the best out of all 3 Arsenal kits and it has already been lucky for them as they wore it for the first time in a preseason friendly where the beat PSG 5-1!

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Expectations for the 2018/19 Season

With Arsene Wenger now departed after 22 years at the helm and new manager Unai Emery taking the reigns, there will be much attention on how Arsenal fare this season. This will be their 2nd season in a row of not qualifying for the Champions League and the club will be desperate to get back in as soon as possible.

Unai Emery is only 46 years old and has led 6 different teams over 700 matches, most notably PSG where he has come from. He is certainly young for a manger but crucially has plenty of experience, and enough years to have the kind of impact on Arsenal that Wenger did.

Emery has already cleared out a lot of players and brought in 5 new faces, Bernd Leno, Stephan Lichsteiner, Sokratis Papastathopoulos, Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi whom are all relatively unknown quantities. Viewers of the World Cup may be familiar with midfielder, Torreira, who played all 5 matches for Uruguay.

I do feel Arsenal need to strengthen their team further to challenge the likes of Manchester City, Man Utd and Liverpool, but of course they have a chance of making the top 4 and qualifying for next season’s Champions League. That surely has to be the aim this season.

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If you have any thoughts, or need some advice on football shirts in general, or indeed any suggestions for this site, please leave a comment below.


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Man Utd Football Kit – 2018/19 Season

Man Utd have recently released their home football kit for the upcoming 2018 – 2019 Premier League Season. They have also released a third kit, but the away kit is yet to be made available. I will be adding the new away kit once it is released. For now, let’s take a look at both the new home kit as well as the third kit.

Manchester United Home Kit 2018/19

The new home kit for Man Utd has been released to celebrate the club’s 140th Anniversary.

The home kit is essentially made up of a red and black colour scheme and I think it works really well. I actually prefer the red colour top with black shorts as I always think black and red go well together. Plus Red and black separates Manchester United Football Club from Liverpool and Arsenal, two of their most fierce rivals.

There are black train tracks going horizontally across the lower part of the shirt. For those of you who don’t know, the small train track graphic is intended to pay tribute to the railway workers, who formed Man Utd in 1878 and the historical links with Newton Heath.

Red and black also happened to be the colour of the trains back in the late 19th Century so this shirt pays tributes to the roots of this football club. The shirt almost has a retro feel to it which is what I think Adidas were going for to mark 140 years of Manchester United and the whole railway workers vibe.

3 black stripes in typical Adidas style adorn the top part of the arms, although I notice the Adidas logo is in white colour rather than black. That makes sense though as the logo compliments the white writing and white Chevrolet logo in the middle of the shirt. I think black would have worked well too.

Manchester United Third Kit 2018/19

2018 is not only the club’s 140th anniversary, but also marks 50 years since Manchester United first won a competitive European match against Benfica. The third kit is several shades of deep blue with gold details where the Adidas, Chevrolet and Club badge is concerned. It looks quite snazzy to be honest and works well.

Unlike the 2018 home kit as described above, the 3 Adidas stripes run parallel down the side of the shirt between where the arm and bottom of the shirt lie in a navy blue colour. The shirt has small dotted hexigan patterns all over the front and back with a rounded crew neck.

An interesting aspect of this shirt is that it was entirely made of recycled plastic from the ocean, which is perhaps where the deep blue colour idea comes from. But for me, the gold details complimenting this blue jersey really make this third kit stand out.

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Expectations for the 2018/19 Season

Last season Manchester United came under a lot of criticism, but in truth they did finish 2nd with 81 points which is decent by any stretch of the imagination. Manchester City equalled a top flight record by making 100 points and this made Man Utd’s 81 points look average. Normally 81 points would mean a team is challenging for the title but last season was an exception to that rule.

It’s also worth remembering that Man Utd, while not necessarily showing the kind of attacking prowess that they once did under Alex Ferguson, they did still look pretty solid especially at the start of last season.

Indeed, it is attacking areas that Manchester United will need to improve if they are to push Manchester City and stave off the ever improving Liverpool.

So far, they have signed Brazilian midfielder Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk. He is widely known as a box to box midfielder and can compliment Pogba and Matic perfectly in the midfield engine room. Fred should give Man Utd much-needed energy in the middle of the park.

They have also signed young Right back Diogo Dalot from Porto, a player who is said to be one of the best young full backs in world football right now. He has been described as a modern full back with the ability to play as an attacking winger which seems to be the trend over the past 5 -10 years, and definitely something Man Utd will need going forward.

I think if Man Utd can transition defence into attack much better than they did last season, this team under Jose Mourinho can go close again. I see this season being a 3 horse race between Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd. If Jose Mourinho can get the best out of Pogba and maybe add one or two more signings, there is no reason why The Red Devils can’t win yet another Premier League title.

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In addition to the very latest kit, many football fans now seems to own a retro shirt these days. Retro shirts have become extremely fashionable and very cool. Not only can fans now express their loyalty for their team, but they can also impress their mates with a timeless and nostalgic piece of history.

Who doesn’t want to look cool in that 1982 Liverpool home kit, or that 1966 England World Cup winning strip?

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The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company (TOFFS)

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Liverpool Football Kit – 2018/19 Season

Liverpool have recently released their latest football kit for the upcoming 2018 – 2019 Premier League Season. Let’s take a look at all 3 kits, home away and third kit and review it.

Liverpool Home Kit – 2018/19

The main difference from the 2017/18 home kit is that the Liverbird is in white print to match the NB (New Balance shirt manufacturer’s logo) and Standard Chartered Sponsor.

The colour red is very similar to last season. I think they call it pepper red and it is gorgeous with the material used to make this shirt, with cross hatched patterns woven in. There is a fairly hidden white stripe going down the side of the shirt as is the case on the shorts too.

There is also a polo neck collar around the top of the shirt too which I absolutely love as it gives a really smart appearance.

On the back of the shirt there is a reminder of the 96 who lost their lifes so tradegically at Hillsbrough back in 1989. The numbers 96 surrounding each side by the eternal flames are etched into the shirt which is a lovely touch by the club and for sure the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives will never be forgotten.

The Goalkeeper jersey is amazing too, a bright yellow colour with black writing all over the shirt to compliment. Looks fab!

To quote Jordan Henderson when asked about the new LFC kit, he stated:

“Our kit isn’t just something we wear to play. It’s part of who we are as a team. We feel immensely proud when pulling on the Liverpool FC home shirt. It means more to us than you can even imagine. After all, Liverpool Football Club is like no other. I have no doubt that our fans will love the new kit and will wear it with pride when supporting us this coming season.”


Liverpool Away Kit – 2018/19

Very purple, very purple indeed and I have to say it is growing on me! At first, I was never a fan of these almost luminous style shirts, but after last seasons eye catching Orange away kit, I have to say I love this season’s  purple version too.

All the logos and Standard Chartered sponsor is in bright orange, and compliments the purple beautifully. For this kit, there is a black stripe going down both the shirt and the shorts.

Similar to the home shirt material, there is this cross hatched pattern woven into the fabric and it is quite stunning. It should be noted that there is a slightly lighter purple colour on the sleeve and ever so slightly different fabric too, but it really looks the part.

It’s almost 2 tone purple/lilac on both the shorts and the top with a small orange stripe going down sleeves and short. Seems like a darker shade of purple on the back of the shirt and another orange stripe going across the collar area.

Speaking of the collar, it doesn’t have the polo neck collar like the home kit does and that’s perfectly OK in my book. I think the bright colours are enough anyway. For whatever reason, the club has decided to have a polo neck collar only on the red home kit and I think that is absolutely fine.

Liverpool Third Kit – 2018/19

Grey violet with flex patterning all over. The pattern has been described as steel gradient. Like the away kit, there in no polo neck collar – as stated previously, the polo neck collar is only on the red home kit and that’s totally cool.

As for this third strip. Just wow! A real throwback to the late 1980’s where they had a similar patterned grey away kit I seem to remember during the Kenny Dalglish management era circa 1987-1991. However, trust me when I say this seasons’ third kit is way better!

All the writing is red for this shirt which again compliments the shirt perfectly. Like both the home and away kit, there is also a hidden red stripe in this case going down the side of the shirt and shorts.

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Expectations for the 2018/19 Season

Jurgen Klopp has already splashed the cash and made his intentions clear. He wants to build on recent seasons and really take Liverpool FC to the next level.

The fact that Liverpool has signed world class goal keeper, Alisson Becker, midfield enforcer Fabinho, the exceptional Naby Keita and Shaqiri to help add depth to the squad, this should serve as fair warning that the reds mean business.

Who would of thought that after selling Philip Coutinho and letting Emre Can go on a free transfer, this team could be even stronger.

The way Liverpool ended last season in general, and with the new additions already in place for next season, it would not be a surprise to see Liverpool run Manchester City close for the Premier League Title in 2018/19.

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World Champions! – France Replica Football Shirts in Demand!

The 2018 World Cup in Russia has finally drawn to a close in spectacular fashion with France being crowned World Champions after a 4-2 win over Croatia.

Not only will France Replica Football Shirts be in demand after the French won their 2nd World Cup, but plenty of people will want to purchase a Croatia kit too!

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Quick Recap of the 3rd Place Play off

Don’t want to focus too much on this match as hardly anyone seems that interested in this playoff match to see who will come 3rd and win the bronze medals. I personally take no interest in it, although I did watch it since I support England and it would have been nice to end strong.

However, Belgium were far superior in this match and after just 4 minutes Thomas Meunier opened the scoring after England were found wanting in defence. The match was dominated by Belgium throughout although England did show promise, mainly from set pieces.

A slight improvement in the 2nd half from England, but in truth, I could only see Belgium furthering their lead, and in the 82nd minute they did just that through the outstanding Eden Hazard. Hazard was found by Kevin De Bruyne and easily slotted passed Pickford to wrap up a comfortable 2-0 victory and claim bronze medals, not to mention Belgiums best ever World Cup finish.

Well done to both Belgium and England who had great World Cup campaigns!


France v Croatia – World Cup Final!

Croatia, who were in their 1st ever World Cup Final against France playing in their 3rd World Cup Final was an intriguing affair. Most expected France to win this comfortably and although the scoreline suggests this happened, the match told a very different story.

From the get go, Croatia were on the front foot and looked like the team who would strike first. If they had then I feel this match may have turned out completely different.

However, France on a rare attack were awarded an extremely soft free kick, which I personally did not feel was justified. From Griezmann’s delivery, the unfortunatel Mandzukic flicked the ball past his own keeper, subasic to give France an ill deserved lead 1-0.

Credit due to Croatia though who showed steely determination in fighting back just 10 minutes later when Perisic latched on to a ball on the edge of the box and evaded Kante, before hammering the shot past Lloris who had no chance.

What followed 10 minutes later in the 38th minute was yet another contentious decision. This time it was from a France corner and the ball struck Perisic’s hand, though clearly he knew nothing about it and it was one of those unfortunate situations. Originally, it looked like the referee had awarded a corner, but he then ended up looking at replays via VAR and awarding a penalty to France which seemed extremely harsh on Croatia. Griezmann took the penalty and made no mistake.

To be going in at half time 2-1 down having had 2 potentially poor decisions go against Croatia from which France scored both times, and having outplayed France was a sure indicator that it just wasn’t their day.


2nd Half – France Run Riot!

Even at Half Time, the pundits on BBC 1, Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Jurgen Klinnsman were all saying how they expected Croatia to come out and strike back. I did too and the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half was a Croatia onslaught, but France were more organised than in the First Hal, and there appeared to be no way through for Croatia.

Plus there was the threat of France on the counter attack with the likes of Mbappe, Pogba and Griezmann seemingly in the mood for no prisoners. Indeed, in the 59th minute, Pogba found Mbappe with one of the passes of the tournament, who in turn found Griezmann. The ball was then played towards Pogb who had 2 strikes of the cherry, successfully converting the 2nd attempt with a wonderful guided shot passed Subasic who seemed to be unsighted.

This goal rocked Croatia back and suddenly France had that extra yard in them that seemed to be lacking in the match up to that point. Just 6 minutes later, France all but sealed it with a wonderful strike from 25 yards out by Mbappe, who at just 19 years old becomes one of the youngest players to ever score in a World Cup Final. For a 19-year old, it is unbelievable how mature Mbappe is, and there is no reason why he can’t go on to become one of the best players in the world.

Croatia did strike back a consolation from a crazy Lloris howler similar to Karius’s blunder in the Champions League Final. Only, rather than throw it to the opposition player like Karius did, Lloris tried some trickery with his feet and got it all wrong laying it into the path of Mandzukic on his 6 yard line who gratefully excepted the gift. Credit to Mandzukic for chasing Lloris down which was endemic of Croatia’s never say die attitude, and now the arrears were reduced to 4-2.

Unfortunately for Croatia, there was to be no miracle comeback beyond that and France to their credit had been much better in the 2nd half attacking with purpose when on the counter attack and defending much more resolutely than in the 1st half.

Congratulations to France for winning their 2nd World Cup and to Deschamps the manager who won the famous trophy as a player and now as a manager – a wonderful achievement and something only achieved by Mario Zagallo with Brazil and Franz Beckenbauer with Germany. France also become only the 6th team to have won the famous trophy more than once. Brazil leads the way with 5, followed by Germany and Italy with 4, then Uruguay and Argentina with 2. The other winners include England and Spain who have both won it once. This was World Cup number 21!

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World Cup Final Awaits – Croatia Football Strip In Demand!

Given that Croatia had never made a World Cup Final before, something tells me their national football strip may just be in demand after they defied the odds to shock England 2-1 AET. Croatia are in the World Cup Final and will face France who overcame Belgium 1-0.

England Fall in Dramatic Semi-Final Clash

England had overachieved this World Cup, according to most people. Nobody expected this England team to progress much past the Knockout stages, let alone make a World Cup Semi-Final.

However, when the draw appeared to open up for England early on in the tournament with the likes of Germany not even making it out of the group stages. Then Argentina, Portugal, Spain and Brazil crashing out, things were looking good for Gareth Southgates team.

Croatia had other ideas. Having overcome Denmark and Russia on penalties in the previous knockout stages, this Croatian team were made of stern stuff. With the likes of Modric, perisic, Lovren, mandzukic not to mention their in form keeper Subasic, England’s opponents should never of been taken lightly.

Judging by the first half performance, it was clear England were fully prepared and controlled proceedings with Sterling, Tripier and Henderson particularly shining. In defence, the likes of Maguire, Stones and Walker looked solid as did their keeper Pickford.

It was difficult to see Croatia coming back into this match after England stormed to a 1-0 advantage after just 5 minutes through an excellent Trippier free kick which gave Subasic no chance.

In truth, England should have killed the game off particularly with Croatia’s back line looking extremely unsettled and Harry Kane in particular was guilty of missing a golden opportunity.

However, there is a saying in football that a one goal advantage is dangerous and the 2nd half proved why. Croatia looked much better, and began to push England back. Croatia, who many had predicted would tire due to their last 2 matches that required 120 minutes on both occasions, looked re markedly fresher than England.

On 68 minutes Ivan Perisic met a Sime Vrsaljko cross and managed to lift his leg high enough above the desperate Kyle Walker to drive home the all important equlaiser.

England then seemed to lose confidence and Croatia had the extra step in their play. Suddenly, Croatia were quicker, much crisper with their passing, braver and more confident and England were lucky not to lose this match in normal time.

Extra Time Drama – 30 minutes more!

In Extra time, there was nothing between the teams, until 4 minutes into the 2nd period of extra time when disaster struck for England. Ivan Perisic managed to get his head to the ball and divert towards Mario Mandzukic who lost Stones and he made no mistake with a low finish across Jordan Pickfords body.

Trippier then sustained what looked like a Groin injury and England were down to 10 men 5 minutes from the end of extra time, and Croatia comfortably saw the remaining minutes out to book themselves into their first ever World Cup Final!

Congratulations to Croatia, and I genuinely hope they win it now only because they have never won the World Cup before and it will be great for their country of only 4 million people!

France Will Play Croatia in the Final

France will join Croatia in the Final after another decent display, this time against Belgium, who went into this match as the only team left who had won all 5 of their World Cup matches.

I honestly felt that whoever went on to win this encounter would end up winning the World Cup as they had both arguably been the best teams of the World Cup thus far.

Belgium had looked excellent going forward with the likes of Hazard, lukaku and De Bruyne.

As for France, they had the likes of Pogba, Kante, Griezmann and not forgetting the formidable Mbappe, who is amazinly only 19 years old! When the likes of Nabil Fekir are on the bench and can’t make it into the first 11, you know this must be an incredibly talented French team.

As for the match itself, France had started a little slowly and it was Belgium who looked the more threatening early on.

However, as the first half progressed, France were looking more and more dangerous and only Belgium stopper Thibaut Courtois was keeping the match level.

The 2nd half continued where the 1st half left of with France probing and looking the more likely to score, and indeed on 51 minutes they did. A corner from Antoine Griezmann was swung in and Samuel Umtiti was there, ahead of Fellani at the near post, to head past the helpless Courtois.

Belgium were forced to come forward more and obviously this left gaps at the back for France to exploit which they should of done. Giroud in particular was guilty of missing a few chances and France did live a little dangerously in the last 5 minutes, but had enough to see the match out 1-0 and make their 2nd World Cup Final.

Their first final in 1998 was extremely memorable as they beat Brazil 3-0, and now they have a chance to win the famous trophy once again!

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