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In addition to the very latest kit, many football fans now seems to own a retro shirt these days. Retro shirts have become extremely fashionable and very cool. Not only can fans now express their loyalty for their team, but they can also impress their mates with a timeless and nostalgic piece of history.

Who doesn’t want to look cool in that 1982 Liverpool home kit, or that 1966 England World Cup winning strip?

Best part is that retro shirts can be worn every season and they never go out of date! The following companies are 100% trusted suppliers of retro/vintage shirts.


3 Retro

3RETRO are a company that specialises in International and club retro kits from both English leagues as well as European and rest of the world leagues.

3RETRO was born from the love of the game, from historical nights on a cold terrace, from the love of vintage shirts of a by gone era, from looking back at the football club you love, the greatest and worst moments, from remembering your heroes and their jersey’s as they once were, from the pain, from the glory.


The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company (TOFFS)

Toff’s philosophy is to get as close to the real thing as possible

In their 25th year, The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Co. (TOFFS) remains a family run business and is committed to manufacturing high quality garments for the discerning football fan.

Gateshead in North East, England is home to TOFFS’ factory. Here they manufacture luxury vintage football shirts, polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and track tops using traditional methods of cutting and sewing to the very highest standards.

All of their fabric and components are sourced in Britain and every element of each different shirt is scrutinised and researched from shade of colour to the weight of the cloth used, ensuring that every shirt is as authentic as humanly possible.

With over 1,000 garments and minimum production runs of 20 per garment it is no wonder that TOFFS are extremely proud to be able to offer a clothing range which covers over 240 football teams from all over the world.






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