World Cup Predictions – Which Teams Are Wearing The Classic Football Shirts of Tomorrow?


The World Cup in Russia is now in full swing with Qualification to the final 16 close to being sorted. Yes, I know this site is all about classic football shirts, but since I am a massive football fan, and I know you are too, please allow me to discuss the 2018 World Cup, especially with England doing so well thus far;-)

Yes, I know England have only played 2 teams in Tunisa and Panama, who we would all expect to win most of the time, but this is England and not only should we get behind our home nation, but remember slow starts against so called lesser teams in the past? I certainly remember plenty of slow starts to World Cup tournaments, and against so called inferior opposition.


Which Teams Have Impressed so Far?

From what I have seen, no team has set the World Cup on fire yet, there have been standout performances from Belgium and dare I say England. That said, neither team have yet to meet opposition of any real quality.

The likes of Germany and France have certainly showed their quality in getting necessary results when both came under pressure and indeed the same can be said for the mighty Brazil and Spain.

I have also been thoroughly impressed with Mexico who look dynamite on the break and Croatia who are disciplined and well-organised. Uruguay seem OK and Senegal or Russia may surprise people by going far.

For me though, the World Cup is very much up for grabs!


Which Teams Have Disappointed

So far Argentina have been a massive let down. I don’t remember seeing such a bad Argentinian side in my life, so this is a huge disappointment. Was hoping to see more from Egypt, although without a fully fit Mo Salah, this was always going to be a tall order.


The Dark Horses

With the group stages not quite complete for all groups, it is always difficult to predict these things, but in my experience, there is always a team or 2 that surprises everyone. At the moment I would say there are quite a few candidates. Croatia and Mexico for sure and add to that Russia as the home nation with their fervent home nation support behind them.

Would be nice to finally see one of the African nations go far, and so watch for Senegal and Nigeria in particular. Can Iceland upset the odds and qualify with their final group match against Group D current leaders Croatia? It would mean Iceland winning against Croatia and relying on Argentina to either draw or beat Nigeria in their final match. While this is unlikely, it certainly isn’t out of the question, but bear in mind if Argentina win and Iceland win then it comes down to goal difference.


Who Will Win The 2018 World Cup

My heart always says England because what kind of fan would I be if I didn’t believe in my home nation.

The head says we get to the Quarter Finals or Semi Finals and lose in extra time or on penalties.

Something tells me it could be different this World Cup, but then again, I have these thoughts every major tournament!

Still, I think England are up there as front runners from what I have seen so far, and I will add Germany, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico and Croatia as being my favourites to lift the famous trophy.

OK, I have to stick my neck out and predict one winner… The Winners of the 2018 World Cup in Russia will be …



The Best Football Kit at The 2018 World Cup

Perhaps most importantly, which teams in the 2018 World Cup are wearing what will become the classic football shirts of tomorrow?

I will say Belgium, Brazil (if they go and win the World Cup), Columbia, Mexico and Spain. Do you know what, there are so many so I will Just pick my overall favourite for this years World Cup.

And the winner is…


I absolutely love the Green coloured Adidas made shirt. It looks literally mint, but then I am a sucker for Green Football kits!

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