Classic England Football Shirts – Some of The Recent Classics

With England handed what is seen by most as a significantly easier route to a potential World Cup Final this year In Russia, it only seemed fitting to take a look at some of the most iconic, classic England football shirts down the years.

Starting With The Most Famous of all – 1966

As worn in the final itself by the Charlton brothers, Geoff Hurst and of course Bobby Moore, this is the very replica shirt England wore as they famously went on to beat West Germany 4-2 in the 1966 World Cup Final at Wembley. Despite the minimal design, this shirt is arguably the most iconic classic England shirt of all time because it is the one and only World Cup win England have had – so far.

1966 classic England Shirt

Some of My Favourite England Shirts

 Here is a classic home kit that I love. The following classic England shirt was worn by some of the England greats such as Kevin Keegan, Terry Butcher and Bryan Robson. I love how it is minimal at the lower end of the shirt, but with wonderful blue and red stripes at the top of the shirt above the England badge and Admiral logo. In these days, it was not fashionable to illustrate the star to show the 1 England World Cup win, but I still love this shirt.

1980's retro England shirt


 What about this one. Remember in the late 1990s when England wore this classic away shirt? Actually neither do I, but I have to say I really like it. There’s more going on with this shirt than most England shirts with the St. Georges flag watermarked into the very fabric of the shirt and glistening shades of red with blue and white collar complimenting perfectly. The England badge is located center of the chest area, and I love how the word England is written underneath. Makes you proud to support England!

1990s classic England shirt

 Not only do I love this shirt anyway, but the fabric is to die for and the shades of white are pure lush.

Besides, I could not leave this home shirt out, the same shirt England wore when they lost to West Germany in the semi-final of the 1990 World Cup.

I will never forget the great run that year and the feeling of football finally coming home! Who can forget that famous last gasp winner in the 120th minute of extra time from David Platt which saw off Belgium in the Round of 16.

What about the Quarter Finals against Cameroon where England were 2-1 down with only 7 minutes remaining before Gary Lineker converted a penalty equaliser and then scored again from the penalty spot in the 1st period of extra time to sink the African underdogs.

Then there was that famous scene of Paul Gascoigne crying in the semi final encounter with West Germany after being booked. This meant he would miss the final if England were to make it (which they didn’t in the end), and Gary Lineker consoling him as he had streams of tears dripping from his eyes. England heroically took the match to penalties which they ultimately lost in heartbreaking fashion.

Pure heartbreak in the end, but to be so close and yet so far, this shirt is a must own for all England fans alike.


1990 England World Cup shirt

Englands Chances in The 2018 World Cup

I have been saying all along why not. Here are my 5 reasons why I feel we have a genuine chance this World Cup.

 The media genuinely don’t believe England have got the quality – This is perfect as England are not expected to go far and will help relieve a lot of the usual pressure upon those England players shoulders.



The Manager and team have not been involved in any controversy (so far) – Again, this is fantastic news as normally, there are stories of managers having affairs with beautiful Swedish Blondes, or certain players pictured smoking cigarettes and partying too hard and such like.

This World Cup Campaign has been different in that Gareth Southgate appears to have conducted himself and the team with the utmost professionalism and this is a breath of fresh air.

I think Southgate has been helped by the fact that the previous manager Sam Alardyce had been shamed so much by breaking FA rules. Southgate has always been seen as a clean character and with an easy qualifying group, he was able to steady a troubled ship in England. I say troubled due to the fact it had been over a decade since England had even won a knockout match at a major international tournament.


The draw has been favourable – The group stage was very favourable with 2 teams in Tunisia and Panama, that no disrespect to those aforementioned teams, England should beat, and they did. Was a bit of a squeak against Tunisia, but even a draw would likely have been enough given how the group panned out. Only Belgium posed a real threat and as we can see from point number 4, even losing to them in the final game helped the cause!



The draw continues to open up even more favourably – I mean after losing to Belgium, few would have hated the path that England would need to navigate. Columbia, followed by Sweden is not exactly awful, and then win against Sweden, and England would face either Croatia or hosts Russia to book a place in this year’s World Cup Final! Dare to dream because it really could happen..

Don’t get me wrong, there are no easy games in World football, let alone football in general, but these teams are all beatable, and with only a final to play, the odds are looking increasingly favourable that England can go all the way.


Not too many egos – Unlike years gone by, where England always seemed to have a golden generation with players like Gerard, Lampard, Cole, Beckham, Terry etc, now  they have maybe 1 standout player and that is Harry Kane.

I think that is a little unfair as I think the defence looks tight and players like Henderson, Dyer, Sterling and Delli Ali are not exactly bad players. I just feel this group of players compliment each other better than some of the so called superstars of the past.

This team have a togetherness and dogged ability to show mental toughness as showcased against Columbia. Sure, they are not going to typically blow teams away as witnessed against Columbia, but they have the spirit to get a goal or two and hang in there and go to penalties if they have to.

I think Pickford looks capable in goal despite a slightly cagey offering against Belgium, and as noted previously the defence is a solid unit. With Harry Kane up front posing an ever present threat and Jamie Vardy to come on and give an injection of pace, power and finishing prowess of his own, the team has a nice balance of teamwork and goal threat, especially from set pieces. Bring on Brazil in the final…

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8 Replies to “Classic England Football Shirts – Some of The Recent Classics”

  1. One of the top trending topics in Google and brought back some memories that I’d hidden away mainly due to our unsuccessful attempts. In those days they played for the love of the sport and the privilege of playing for their country. Since the salaries went through the roof I believe its always been about the money and they put themselves on pedestals. It also doesn’t help that there are far too many foreign players in the Premium league. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

    1. I agree Mick, the salaries of these players is ridiculous, and it’s pretty much since that 1990 World Cup that salaries escalated out of hand! That said, credit to the way Gareth Southgate is managing the current 2018 crop.

  2. While I’m not from England, my grandmother was born there and I still talk with my family from there! Hence, when watching and following football, I cheer for England! I do like Harry Kane and was a little scared when I heard he had some discomfort in his calf, but read recently he was good to go. Anyways, the second shirt you listed is my favorite. The design of it is very unique and I love the color on it. Thanks for sharing a list of a few shirts for us to help support England football!

    1. Hi Jeremy, glad you enjoyed the post and gained value fom it. It’s nice to revisit some of those classic shirts for sure. I think I might buy some of them myself for future tournaments!

    1. Thank you Esteban.

      I am absolutely going to be adding many more posts and very likely will include a look at classic football shirts from many other teams. Thank you for your support and watch this space!

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